Colors: I suggest

          Winsor Newton Finest

Permanent Magenta

Scarlet Lake

Cadmium Orange

Winsor Yellow

Permanent Rose

Cobalt Blue

Antwerp Blue

Quinacridone Gold


Rose Edin # 18 "THE BRUSH THAT DOES IT ALL" - For sale at all Rose Edin workshops

Note: I personally designed this brush as one that truly "does it all". For most of my painting this is the only brush I use. This # 18 brush with three ply bristles is a unique size not otherwise commercially available . It is manufactured to my specifications and assembled here in the United States.

Two Inch (2") Flat (Hake brand suggested)

Small riggor brush for liquid mask


D'Arches Watercolor Paper - should have rag content - acid free is best. I use 140 lb. or 300 lb. cold pressed. The student will need a 24"x32" drawing board. D'Arches Water Color Painting Blocks are an alternative that work very well. I suggest 14" x 20"  or smaller block for on-location painting.


The paint palette should have a lid to keep paint fresh as well as to enable the student to travel with it. I suggest Cheap Joe's Palette.

Other Supplies:

Folding painting stool (for on-location painting)

Water container with lid

Masking tape

Eraser (magic rub) and pencil


Plastic wrap and/or wax paper

Salt (in shaker)

Spray bottle (pump style - for water)

Paper towels

Liquid Mask

Rose Edin Books: (Available at all workshops and in art supply stores)

          "Color Harmonies - Paint Watercolors Filled With Light" by North Light Publishing

           Currently available from North Light Books and most on-line book stores 

(see home page for details.)

"The Art of Watercolor" by Walter Foster Publishing. This is a large book with seven authors.