Watercolor Workshop

“Discover Color”

..and the magic to make it happen!

A wonderful world of color awaits the student who participates in a watercolor workshop with Rose Edin. Rose emphasizes the use of color harmonies and color complements. Pure color is often used in layers to create special effects. She also utilizes and teaches the use of liquid mask, stencils and the actual tracing around shapes of flowers and leaves. Other techniques, such as painting wet into wet, and pouring and spattering and painting directly on the paper, are designed to “loosen up” the painter and bring freedom and spontaneity to the painting.

A typical day consists of several demonstrations with adequate time for students to practice and paint on their own. Each student is given individual assistance as needed or requested. The day culminates with a critique where individual paintings are shown and positive criticism is given.


Workshop Content

Rose’s workshop is designed to feature various techniques to help the student realize beautiful results with color. The fist day begins at 9:00 AM and is a “fun” day of creating loose washes and under-paintings. Rose will also teach the use of color harmonies over washes. The subject for this first day will be a still life.

The following days will include painting subjects such as buildings in a setting, animals, people and landscapes. One day she will use color complements by beginning with one color and using a variety of the opposite color applied over the base color. Rose will also demonstrate the use of various techniques such as gauze or plastic wrap used to create textures.

Much of the painting will be done in the studio but, if weather permits, we sometimes will go out on location for several hours. Each day will end with a critique where we can celebrate each others successes.

You will be amazed at your progress (at what you can accomplish) and the fun you will have in the the process!


Rose and Dee Jepsen are the authors of the watercolor book published by North Light. It is entitled "Color Harmonies - Paint Watercolors filled with Light" and is available from North Light and many on-line bookstores (see article on home page).