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Rose Edin's paintings capture the romance and beauty of scenes we may see every day or that she was inspired to paint from her travels. Each image is fresh, new and original. She has a unique talent of bringing excitement to each and every moment, not only to those moments that come once in a lifetime! Edin's compositions are brimming with variety and splashes of color. Each brushstroke carries a hue that is muted but exact and carefully applied to enhance the overall image. Her light touch captures a softness that few can match.

Rose has had a number of books published by Walter Foster Publishing of California.  The Art of Watercolor is a large comprehensive watercolor book co-authored with six other artists. 

A new book by Rose and Dee Jepsen is published by North Light, the largest art book publisher in the country, is called "Color Harmonies - Paint Watercolors Filled With Light" and is currently available at Noth Light Bookstores or at Amazon.com. It is also translated and sold in China.

Rose holds signature membership in the the American Watercolor Society (AWS), the National Watercolor Society (NWS), and the Transparent Watercolor Society of America (TWSA).  Rose has been awarded "Master" status in the TWSA. She has received two distinct awards in The American Watercolor Society, First place in the animal/wildlife division of The Artist Magazine's annual international art competition, invited to exhibit in the Shanghai Invitional Watercolor Exhibition, has had a painting in the book, Splash and has had her work on the cover as well as two major articles in the French magazine: the Art of Watercolour - 2013 and 2014..





"King of The Hill"

 Rose and Stan Edin




Learn how to use color to achieve a lively, glowing effect in your paintings. By keeping palette mixing to a  minimum and applying other simple but effective tricks, you'll create sparkling passages of  color that attract your viewer's eye, engage imagination and make your paintings 'sing'!

The book has a number of demonstrations that illustrate the step-by-step creation of stunning light-filled paintings along with gorgeous landscape, flower and figure paintings. The book also includes expert advice on drawing and composition, adding texture and interest, making the most of light and shadow and more!

The 128 page book is available through North Light Books Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. It is also now translated into Chineese ans sold in China.

A quote from an e-mail to Rose: "Wow! I  love, love, love the book. Incredible luminosity. The colors not only sing, its a whole opera! It looks  like a bright light shining behind the paintings."


Gallery -Serendipity Art Gallery, 4464 Main St, Pequot Lakes, MN 56472 (Jackpine Center), 218-251-5078  Jennifer Sommerness is the delightful owner.  I have 17 paintings displayed in this beautiful gallery in the heart  of Minnesota lake country!


"Beauty and The Beast"

At the Giza pyramids near Cairo, Egypt

Winner of the High Winds medal and award at the 2011 American Watercolor Society annual art competition

Featured in the traveling show for The American Watercolor Society 2011 -2012.

Exhibited in the Shanghai Biennial Watercolor Exhibition, Shanghai, China 2012

Featured on the cover of the French magazine; The Art of Watercolor 2013

First place winner in the animal/wildlife division of the Artist Magazine's International Competition in 2011



"Lunch Break"

"Out of Egypt"



Winner of the Barse Miller Memorial Award at the 2014 American Watercolor Society annual art competition

and show in New York City. Featured in the traveling show with the American Watercolor Society - 2014


"Market place"

Late in the afternoon this market place in India was about to fold up.  The strong sun was hitting some of the baskets making a very interesting subjecct to paint.This painting was a winner in the French magazine, The Art of Watercolour competition . This magazine is sold in 37 countries.

A 2017 winner at the Venice, Florida art show and featured in the American Watercolour Society Exhibitionin 2017.




Inspired by the ruins on the Greek island of Delos and the site of Akrotiri on the island of Santorini.

Accepted into the 2016 Tranparent Watercolor Society of America annual show.


"Birds of A Feather"

Inspired by a scene in Honduras.

John Singer Sargent  award winner at the 2015 Transparent Watercolor Society of America annual show.


Sorrento harbor has a variety of boats. The fisherman who owned this beautiful boat celebrated the use of color and dedicated the boat to his wife, Gabrielle.

"Flamingo Folly"

Walking along the street in the Caribbean island of Bonair I came  upon this delightful boutique window!


 "Riomaggiori "

The five towns on the Italian Riviera are called Cinque Terre. At the bottom of this narrow street of Riomaggiore, hundreds of boats are pulled up. By following the path you can visit the other beautiful towns.


"Red Chickens"

These colorful birds were photographed in Switzerland. They were very proud of their color!



"Summer Pasture"

 High in the Alps one comes upon some fantastic scenes! One fall we were privileged to wait in our car by the side of the road when the cows were taken down from the high country.

"The Tour Guide"

It rained a good deal of the time when we were on the island of Sicily. Our tour leader was bound to get his information to us, rain or shine! Some of the group preferred to see the sights!!



A path in the Villa Cimbrone grounds in Amalfi Coast Italian village of Ravello

Included in the North light book "Splash 14. The best of Watercolor"  2014 The volume is subtitled : "light and color" and each painting is accompanied by a caption that shows readers something about each artist's processes pertaining to the theme of light and color. 



A quiet street in the old city of Obidos, Portugal



The harbor of the old city of Dubrovnik, Croatia.







An evening scene in the narrow streets of Sorrento, Italy.


" After The Catch"

A fisherman mending his nets in the harbor of Alexandria, Egypt.


"Bellagio Boutique"

A boutique window in the town of Bellagio on Lake Como, Italy.


"High Country"

This abandoned farmstead lies in a beautiful tranquil alpine meadow high above Zermat, Switzerland.


"Merchant of Mostar"

This merchant is eating his lunch as he waits for customers in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina.



"Feluccas on The Nile"

Near Aswan in upper Egypt, feluccas sail the Nile.



Near Brienz, Switzerland


Contented cows near Brienz, Switzerland

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